There are many types of accent features in a landscape.  Here are a few ideas that can add a lot of interest to your outdoor space.

Address Signs

An address sign can be as simple as a cedar board with numbers or words, or as intricate as a boulder with your address carved directly into the surface. There are many different options for lighting as well.


Pillars can be used both in a decorative and/or supportive capacity, whether anchoring a pergola or creating a strong focal point on a stone patio. They can be made of concrete, stone, or steel. Most pillars come with a tapered or flat capstone.

Statues and Fountains

Statues and fountains are landscape decor. Similar to choosing the right art for a wall inside your house, choosing the right statue for your landscape is a subjective process. The professional opinion of a landscape designer can help narrow down the options and make your decision easier.

Benches and Side Tables

The bench is a very practical feature in your landscape. Whether store-bought or custom-built, a bench allows comfortable seating to enjoy the ambiance of your outdoor space. Benches can be straight, curved, or L-shaped and can be made from wood, concrete, stone, composite plastic, or steel. A well-designed bench can also function as a storage box.


Boulders installed into residential projects generally range in size from 1 cubic foot up to a cubic yard (3’x3’x3’). Boulders usually look best when partially buried, giving the illusion that they are part of a natural, exposed outcropping. This creates a timeless look that visually anchors the rest of the landscaping. The tops of some boulders can be hollowed out to serve as a planter or bird bath,



Rain Drains

A rain drain redirects water away from your house and out toward the property line. The box itself serves as a catch basin for downspouts and/or sump pumps, allowing air to escape the system even when water flow is high. Additional benefits include the elimination of downspout extension trip hazards, as well as reducing erosion around your house and/or walkways.

Gates and Arbours

Gates can be subtle or extravagant, serving as an entry point into your garden and outdoor living area. Most residential properties opt for a simple, wooden swing gate. However, you may want to consider adding interesting design elements such as arches or intricate detail work. If you have the space for it, a sliding barn-style gate offers stylish and functional access. Using a material like aluminum instead of wood opens up the option of laser-etched decoration.

Potted Planters

Large planters are a great way to accent your outdoor living space. Depending on their shape and size, you can also use them to partition different areas of your patio. Materials can vary from concrete to corten steel to fiberglass. Aesthetically, planters are a great way to add pops of color and green with annual flowers. Concrete planters can be embedded into the landscape or positioned as a focal point.

Kid Play Areas

With a little imagination, a play area can function as a unique landscape feature. For example, a shed that doubles as a playhouse, perhaps with a rock climbing wall, swing set, and/or slide. A planter box can be repurposed as a sandbox. Maybe you’d like to create a small hill that’s also a hobbit house or build a skateboarding half-pipe.


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