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Where do I start when planning a landscaping project?

When starting any project, the first step is creating a landscape design. It is during the design phase that you will determine the layout, details, processes, and steps required to succeed. The more time and effort you invest at the start, the more easily your project will flow.

Once you have a landscape plan you can outline your long-term vision and better define the progressive phases of your project. A careful attention to detail will help you minimize change orders during the construction process.

Many people find that the most rewarding aspect of the planning process is the ability to clearly visualize and modify a 3D model of their proposed landscape.

How much of my construction budget should be allocated for my project plans?

In order to determine how much to invest in your landscape design, you will need to define a rough budget that includes the entire current project and possible future phases.

For example, if your preliminary construction budget is $30,000 for Phase 1, you should be prepared to dedicate anywhere from 5% to 10% ($1500-$3000) of the total construction budget to the planning process.  

What is involved in a landscape design and what should I expect from a landscape designer?

The size and complexity of your project will determine your best course of action. At Studio b, you may choose to approach your project with one of two design methods:

  1. If you have a good idea of what you’d like to build, a qualified Studio b Designer can create one initial proposal. Details can then be refined as necessary until you love what you see.  
  1. If the project is larger and/or you’re having trouble deciding where to start, Studio b can assign two Designers to create competing proposals. This allows you to compare and choose your favorite options from two distinct perspectives.

Both strategies are a lot of fun and allow you to view your potential space in powerful, 3D-animated software!

How much time and how many meetings are involved in the design process?

On average you should expect 4-6 hours of office meeting time and another 2-3 hours of planning at home. This may vary depending on the size of the project.

Before your Designer even begins, spend an hour creating a list of features and items you’d like to see in your landscape. Creating an idea book on Houzz, Pinterest, or Google is a great start. Your wishlist will give your Designer a good sense of your aesthetic preferences and what you want to achieve.

At your first meeting, you will review the design proposal(s). The following meeting is used to iron out finer details such as colors, textures, materials, and plant types. The third and final meeting usually involves creating a phased plan that meets your budgetary schedule.

Once you’re through the design process, a set of drawings will be drafted with construction details. You will then be assigned a Project Manager, who will work in concert with your Designer as they complete the actual construction of your project.


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