Paths and Walkways Landscaping

When designing a path, the first things to consider are

  • The location on the property and
  • How much foot traffic is expected

Generally, a front sidewalk should be paved with concrete or paving stone. On the other hand, paving a backyard path may not be the most practical or economical. A Studio b designer may suggest options such as flagstone slabs, which can be embedded into the grass. This delineates the path without interrupting the green space. An area around the side of the house that’s being used for storing wheeled equipment would benefit from paving, but if you’re looking for a more economical option then a smaller ¼” aggregate could do the trick.

As with other hardscape features such as patios and driveways, walkways can vary in design and material combinations. Consulting a professional Studio b designer will facilitate the material selection and design process.


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