Calgary Pergolas


Pergolas can be a 4 to 6+ post structure with an open frame roof. They are the base structure for cabanas and gazebos and can be constructed out of wood, aluminum, or steel.  Aesthetically pleasing, a pergola frames a space and adds vertical interest to a landscape.

Wood-framed pergolas can also bring warmth to a landscape otherwise dominated by stone patios and rock gardens. Some accessory features that can add more appeal and functionality are pillars, curtains, shade sails, privacy screens, louvered privacy screens, detailed post dressing, and lighting.

Planting vines around the pergola posts can create a very natural shaded area over a few seasons.



Add screening or glass walls to your cabana and you now have a gazebo. Screen walls keep the bugs out while letting air flow through the structure. Glass walls also keep bugs out, but one must be careful with positioning; an enclosed glass gazebo in direct sunlight can quickly turn into a hot greenhouse. Gazebos screens can be curtain, motorized, removable panels, or permanently fixed.  

The Ultimate

Do you want the best features of all three in one structure? Picture an aluminum-framed structure clad tastefully with wood. An aluminum, louvered roof and motorized screen walls give you plenty of options for shelter, privacy, and bug protection.  


Add a roof to your pergola and you’ve created a cabana. This provides shelter from the elements and can be gabled, hip, lean-to, or a combination thereof.

Cabanas can be designed to be large or small. Larger cabanas with plenty of room for a table and seating are great for hosting groups of family and friends. Your cabana will ensure that your party continues uninterrupted despite any potential rain showers. Need something smaller to relax next to the fire or the lake? A mini cabana will comfortably seat 2-4 people, and adding bug netting will keep the mosquitos at bay.


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