Pool Decks

Pool decks can be constructed from pavers, outdoor tile, wood, or concrete. An important consideration when installing a pool deck is thinking about long-term settling. When an inground pool is dug out and installed, it is very difficult to completely backfill up against the pool walls. Consequently, a cavity can form which takes years to settle, and anything built above this cavity, therefore, needs to be anchored into the solid earth below. Even if you are leaning towards pavers or outdoor tile, it is best to incorporate an engineered concrete pad underneath these surfaces.

Pavers and outdoor tile are generally preferred for their softer appearance, however, they are more expensive when you take the concrete support pad into consideration. Brushed concrete, stamped concrete, and wood decking are other great options because screw piles can be tied directly into the structure. There are several different types of concrete finishers that can be designed to look like larger tiles, slabs, or exposed aggregates.


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