Water Features

Water features add a lot of interest and beauty to your landscape. However, they are not maintenance-free and should be treated as a hobby. Choosing the right water feature for you depends largely on your level of commitment. At the basic level, all water features require seasonal cleaning and opening/closing of the pump system.

At the top of the maintenance spectrum are fish ponds. Fish help stop mosquito larvae from maturing in your water, but they do require regular feeding. They also need a source of water aeration, which can take the form of a waterfall or bubbler. Adding ultraviolet light helps keep algae blooms in check.

Second on the list are basin fountains. A basin fountain usually has a central, raised basin spilling over into a larger basin. Fish and/or UV light are sometimes used preventatively in these as well.

Third are water features such as bubbler rocks or waterfalls that spill into hidden, pondless basins. Without standing water, these are much less susceptible to undesirable growth.

Finally, you may just opt for a store-bought fountain. These are suitable for clients who want the option of being able to “place and plug” their water feature. They require no base construction and typically have a minimal assembly.


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