Containers in Gardening

Looking to add more visual interest to your gardening project? Try using outdoor decorative containers (pots, baskets, planters, etc.) as planters to add some character to your garden. There are endless combinations of sizes, shapes, and colours to fit your own personalized landscaping needs. Choosing the right plants for your containers is part of the fun!

Tall Planter

Planter with Annuals

When selecting plants for containers, it is important to consider whether it is an annual or perennial (refer to this blog post for more information), and if you want it to be a temporary or permanent place for the plant. Annuals are perfect for containers because they flower rapidly and are easy to arrange in different colour and species combinations. Furthermore, due to the short life cycle of annuals, gardeners can change the contents of the containers year by year to switch things up. Perennials can thrive just as well as annuals in planters, however it is important to keep in mind that their roots will be exposed to colder temperatures and they may not come back in the spring. Perennials typically use their earth substructure, as well as snow cover, to insulate and protect their roots.

 Garden Bed Planter

Black Granite Garden Planter

For examples of container gardening and other inspiration, visit our galleries or your local nurseries!