Sustainability Award | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Excellence in Sustainability

Rocke Landscaping is proud to be a leader in the landscaping design and construction industry. We are continuously searching for ways to be more sustainable, with regard to our suppliers as well as the execution of projects. We’re happy to say that we were recently recognized at the Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards. A big thanks to Kevin Freedman of the Winnipeg School Division for the nomination!

“On behalf of Manitoba Sustainable Development, I would like to congratulate you for being selected to receive recognition at the upcoming 2016 Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards event. B. Rocke Landscaping has been selected as an honourable mention for the category of Champion for Sustainability.

The Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards program was established to recognize and honour people, projects and ideas that successfully apply the principles of sustainable development to create concrete and lasting achievements. Our awards evaluation panel reviewed and evaluated a number of applications and nominations using category-specific criteria. While B. Rocke Landscaping did not receive the category award, the evaluation panel still felt that B. Rocke Landscaping’s accomplishments and efforts were worthy of recognition.”

Matt Popowich
Policy Analyst
Strategic Policy and Coordination Branch
Environmental Stewardship Division
Manitoba Sustainable Development