Belgard River Rock Patio | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Riverside Retreat

This Fort Richmond property has a significant grade variation from the back of the house to the property line, which posed a challenge for maximizing the usability of the space. Our Design Team, however, was able to come up with some unique ideas for this riverside retreat.

First, our construction crew excavated the area adjacent to the house. This lowered the grade and created a flat section on which we could lay the Belgard® River Rock patio.  We also incorporated some unique accent features, like a floating Tyndall counter with hidden steel bracing. Beside the counter we integrated a cedar bench into the planter wall, and to save space a storage shed was created underneath the deck.

Floating Shelf |Cedar Bench | B. Rocke Landscaping |Winnipeg, Manitoba

The clients also had privacy concerns relating to a neighbour’s pool on one side, and a rental property on the other. Cedar privacy screening was chosen, instead of trees and shrubs, to provide an immediate resolution.

Belgard River Rock Patio 3 | B. Rocke Landscaping |Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rounding out the project are a black granite boulder and some low-maintenance Russian Sage. We were able to create a private retreat for the kids to play and the parents to enjoy and entertain.

Belgard River Rock Patio 2 | B. Rocke Landscaping |Winnipeg, Manitoba


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