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Top 10 Accent Shrubs

There are many varieties of shrubs to choose from that are suitable for our Winnipeg climate.  With varying colors, shapes, and sizes, shrubs can be used in almost any landscaping project.  They add to a garden’s personality, physical appearance, and completeness.  Whether your garden is filled with sod, mulch, rocks, or mineral soil, shrubs can make any yard look outstanding.

Karl Foerster – (see above) This is a grass plant that adds a lot of value to gardens. A dual-tone ornamental (green and tan colors), it increases your garden’s vertical appeal. It is extremely hardy, and a popular landscaping choice in Winnipeg. It is adaptable to both dry and moist conditions.

Burning Bush – An ornamental, round shrub with outstanding red fall color. It is adaptable to almost any soil condition and can grow in full to little sunlight. This shrub can grow fairly large.

(Various) Lilacs – With more than one variety of Lilacs, this shrub offers many choices of flower color, sizes, and fragrance. Flowers range from white, pink, blue, and purple depending on the cultivar. Lilacs may be used for accents, hedges, and mass planting.

Japanese Barberry – A small, ornamental shrub with deep purple foliage throughout summer. This shrub is adaptable to dry and moist conditions, requiring full sunlight to partial shade. Use this plant to add contrast to your garden.

Russian Sage | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Russian Sage

Russian Sage – A popular, herbaceous perennial used for mass planting to add color to any garden. This shrub features long lavender purple flowers that give off a pleasant fragrance. It prefers mostly dry soils and full sunlight.

(Various) Hydrangea – With more than one variety of Hydrangeas, this shrub also offers many choices of flower color, sizes, and fragrance. This shrub also has different shapes of flowers such as panicle or mophead, depending on the species. Different species will also have different colors of flowers, ranging from white, pink, lime, and blue. They require well-drained soils, and prefer full sunlight to partial shade.

Red Osier Dogwood- A shrub with green foliage in the summer that turns an outstanding red in the winter. During winter, the bright red twigs stand out and give contrast to the landscape. This shrub grows fairly large, tolerating both wet and dry soils and prefers full sunlight to partial shade.

(Various) Ninebark – Another shrub with varying features depending on the cultivar. Through summer, certain cultivars will have showy foliage such as orange, purple, gold, green, burgundy, and yellow. Sizes range from short to medium height. They are adaptable to dry or moist locations, and prefer full to partial shade.

Goldmound Spirea | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Goldmound Spirea

Goldmound Spirea – A short, round shrub with light-gold summer foliage. During the fall, the leaves turn a slight red color. This shrub requires full sunlight, and prefers moist soils.

Forsythia – A medium-sized, ornamental shrub with yellow flowers that overpower the overall appearance in the spring, with green foliage throughout the summer. It is adaptable to both dry and moist conditions, and prefers full sunlight.

Various Shrubs | B. Rocke Landscaping | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Various Shrubs

For expert advice for selecting the right type of shrub for your project, contact B. Rocke Landscaping and we would be happy to assist you with your gardening needs and selections.